Happy Funerals was born by accident. A random combination of chaotic elements comes together to create a clothing brand in search of the perfect aesthetic. Of the beauty of collecting, remembering and missing. During our adventures around the world we have been collecting patches, and ideas that were hidden in our subconscious until Happy Funerals gave them creative outlet. A place where you can create and design, experiment and succeed, express yourself and be heard. As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat. Here we pay tribute to that cat who died for not being satisfied with his cat life. His persistence to know led him to his end, and there we pick up the baton to continue exploring.


Our packaging is unique. You will receive your shirt in a pizza box designed by ourselves, with surprises and your Happy Funerals shirt inside. If you decide to throw it away instead of using it, please recycle it.


Our shirts are 100% high quality cotton, with a grammage of 185gr / m2. All the patches and labels are sewn in our workshop located in Barcelona capital, from where we carry out all the activity of the company.